Mountain Lakes: Music Education and Social Emotional Curriculum

I’m headed for a bi-annual symposium of treasured music education friends and colleagues, perhaps among the wisest educators I know, at Mountain Lakes, VA. Mountain Lakes is a bit remote (spotty cell phone connections), rural, and very beautiful. Long and short walks through green, wooded trails are expected. I’m expecting to catch up with friends, learn about new trends, and facilitate a lunchtime round table on music education and social emotional learning.
Roundtable Thoughts:
The main ideas about the intersection of music education and social emotional curriculum that I plan to share are outlined in a set of PowerPoint slides. I hope to reflect on the ways in which music educators (and arts educators, and educators in general) can positively or negatively contribute to social emotional skill development in small and large ways. We’ll identify possible elements of the music, arts, and social emotional curriculum – and how they interweave to create a foundation and delivery system for all learning. We have an opportunity, in a time of flux, to become amazing educational leaders, and intentionally plan for music and the arts to become the center of education.
Attached Documents:
Attached are the Power Point presentation, a bibliography of resources to get you started, and a compendium of Preschool Through Elementary School Social Emotional Learning and Associated Assessment Measures.
Please be in touch with your thoughts about this, and let me know if you would like to schedule a keynote address, symposium presentation, or several-day course.

Mt Lakes – Social Emotional Curriculum

Bibliography – Social-Emotional Curriculum

compendium of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) assessment tools Bibliography – FAAE – final Mt Lakes – Social Emotional Curriculum

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