Creativity from the Start

DSC01469In Total Learning Digital Grade 3, there are two sets of Classroom Management Module lessons: one set for those who have not experienced Total Learning, and another for those who started Total Learning in an earlier grade.

Those children who have not experienced Total Learning need to establish the basics of self control, moving through space safely, listening, representing through different modalities, and sharing ideas comfortably. This requires strong teacher guidance and establishment of general guidelines for a positive learning environment.

For those who have already assimilated these skills, the beginning of the school year opens the door to imagination and creative thinking. There’s not a moment to waste, as these first lessons introduce useful skills, then introduce STUDIOs (creativity centers) where the students work collaboratively on a task to apply their new skill to classroom curriculum.

By teacher request, the STUDIOs allow you to plug in your classroom curriculum content, concepts and skills. It could be a math skill, a comprehension activity for a passage from current events or reading texts, or a science concept. Not only are students challenged to apply their knowledge creatively, the teacher is likewise challenged to deliver classroom content in a way that engages the child.

Start teaching for Total Learning from the very beginning!

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