TLD is Ready for You!

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After many years of curriculum development, synthesizing best practices and evidence from across the education spectrum, Total Learning Digital is developed, tested, and joins other arts-integration approaches for the primary grades as a powerful way to engage students and develop teacher and student skills.

  • The content is engaging.
  • Social-emotional skills are built along with academics.
  • The platform is rich and innovative.
    • There is PD to build teacher skills.
    • There are grade-level specific lessons and STUDIOs, so teachers can practice delivering arts-infused instruction.
    • A social network allows each teacher to build a unique network with anytime, anywhere peer connections, trainer support, and digital team teaching.

Choose your level of interest: one set of four lessons, or a robust year of 24+ modules.

The cost is ridiculously low. Now’s the time to act! Let’s work together to enrich your teaching and engage your K-4 students!

Contact to get started, or purchase your license(s) at

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