Getting Started in Bridgeport, CT

Batalla Advisory Group Members Review TLDigital

Members of the Cesar Batalla (Bridgeport, CT) Advisory team preview Total Learning Digital. They and the rest of the advisory team will be helping to refine the site all year long.

The Bridgeport, CT Total Learning program has been developing over the past 6 years, bolstered by a community partnership fearlessly led by Charles Tisdale, Bill Bevacqua and June Malone at ABCD, Bridgeport’s anti-poverty agency. Our primary site is Cesar Batalla School, with over 1,000 children from pre-K through Grade 8.
Grade K-4 teachers are involved in Total Learning Digital this year. One teacher from each grade level form an advisory group, and are team leaders in the school. Almost all K-4 teachers are involved in Beta testing.
The first week of school we met to explain the program, and then distributed hardware to those participating.
Kudos to First Grade teacher Candice King-Sadler, who has already conducted the Multimodal Assessment, and taught the Classroom Management Module Auditory lesson. Candice says the Classroom Management Module lessons are invaluable in setting a positive tone in her classroom for the year. She didn’t want to wait even one day to introduce ways to use the voice! In acknowledgement of her engagement and support of Total Learning, and ability to jump right in, Candice is the recipient of our first Outstanding Participation Medal! (It will appear in her profile as soon as I figure out how to get it there!!!! Remember, we are learning too!)

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  1. My paraprofessional just finished the pre-assessment. Most of the children scored a one or two but a few scored a 3 . Also the girls scored higher than the boys. I will start teaching the lesson tomorrow.

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