Doing the Arts Builds Brains for Learning

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Music and brains:  perfect together

Music and brains: perfect together

I’m always excited and nervous to see an article that cites new research supporting any of the arts as ways to increase cognitive ability or achievement. Often when teachers create arts activities to increase learning, we target a specific reading, math, science or social studies concept or skill. These activities don’t hurt, and usually enrich the learning and make it stick. However, this article again points out the foundational purpose for arts education. Arts involvement builds better brains! Early, often, and unapologetically. It’s not about how good the music or art is, it’s the process of doing the art that results in aptitude for learning.

2 thoughts on “Doing the Arts Builds Brains for Learning

  1. I have been using arts and music in my teaching since I began educating 8 years ago. Total Learning has given me a child-friendly and research based program that makes my use of the arts purposeful and creative.

    • Jill, You are one of the very creative teachers that we meet from time to time, and that children are lucky enough to have in their lives. I’m looking forward to seeing where you take Total Learning during this coming year. Welcome to our Bridgeport team! Sue

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