Bulletin Boards: Evidence of Learning

Bulletin boards remind us of our goals.

Bulletin boards remind us of our goals.

Bulletin boards tell a story!

Bulletin boards tell a story!

Bulletin boards serve many purposes in the classroom: providing information, sparking imagination, and demonstrating success. They are a great place to navigate shared ownership of the classroom, and engage in democratic decision making. Visual lessons are a terrific time to share student work, because they are so obviously visual! Auditory, kinesthetic and linguistic displays require a bit more imagination. For viewers who are not in the classroom, such as administrators or parents, give them some description of the objectives or purpose of the visual activity, so they can learn along with you and your students, and see snapshot evidence of the learning process in your classroom. Share your bulletin boards here, on the discussion board, or in Sharing What Works! A picture is worth a thousand words!

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Bulletin boards share our students' success.

Bulletin boards share our students’ success.

2 thoughts on “Bulletin Boards: Evidence of Learning

  1. I just completed Classroom Module- Auditory Lesson.
    Messenger Game is a great way to teach students to recognize their own name and their classmates. My students loved the game and couldn’t wait until their name was pulled out of the bag. They had the biggest smile on their faces and were so proud to be the mailman. Great game to play for indoor recess with letters, numbers and sight words.

    • Thanks, Mary! Messenger Game is one of the many favorite Total Learning activities that teachers use all year long, replacing the materials in the bag to match the curriculum content.

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