The Best Beginning EVER!

Jim is a Beta tester for Total Learning Digital - thanks, Jim!

Jim is a Beta tester for Total Learning Digital – thanks, Jim!

Jim Walters, one of the most creative, thoughtful and fun teachers I’ve ever met, has been teaching in Dearborn, MI for 28 years. He says this has been the best beginning of the year ever, and that he feels like he did when he first started out! Excited! Energized! Curious! Thrilled!

It’s the studios. Jim says that it’s not the content of the studios so much as the concept of them. “It’s the mindset of studios that has made me rethink my role in the classroom. The mindset shift in my teaching is freeing. I’ve been the leader of the show. Now, I’m the guiding hand of students creating their own show. I always wanted to do that, but never had the path and time to think it through. The kids take more charge of their learning, and I have so much evidence that they are learning.”
Jim is starting to write his own studios now. First he explored a speech piece from Spotlight on Music: Way Down South Where Bananas Grow, and his latest e-mail had a set of FOUR studios to accompany Grade 2, Auditory Lesson 1!!! It’s the best beginning ever!
Jim, be proud. You are the second recipient of a discretionary medal for imaginative application of the Total Learning model – thinking outside the box!

By the way, Jim has an amazing CD and book, Science Through Song, that can be ordered at Mention Total Learning Digital and receive free shipping.


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  1. I keep thinking about Jim’s comment to me that the studios are freeing in a way.

    The students love the activity of sharing something personal about themselves in the CMM auditory lesson game. I modeled how to play the game using a puppet. It was surprising to me that none of my students could get the idea of using speaking, whispering, or singing voice in response to me saying their name one of those ways at first. We have played the game in 3 different class times times and about half of them are now able to use the correct voice type. Also, my principal wants us to use sentence stems so this game is right up the alley.

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