Making Change: Betting on Slow, Steady Success over Time

Total Learning teachers apply hands-on strategies to the curriculum to make every minute count.

Educational change does not happen in an instant.  The Hawthorne effect is well documented, and yet many make millions of dollars selling quick fixes that have a bump the first year, fall flat or fail the next year, and yet are institutionalized for a decade.  These programs are often not child-centered, and lead to elimination of important developmental curriculum, leaving only what doesn’t work.

At Total Learning, we have made slow and continuous growth, and the 2013 CMT scores begin to tell the story of persistent and resilient change-making in the real world.  CMT scores for 3rd and 4th graders at Cesar Batalla reduced the achievement gap more than the control school, the district or the state!  If you had to bet your money on a winning program, Total Learning would be a reasoned bet on a slow but steady winner that delivers what’s right for the child.

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