Toolbox Slam

First slide of Sue's Toolbox Slam Presentation

First slide of Sue’s Toolbox Slam Presentation

Snyder, Susan Toolbox recording 2014-PPT Presentation


Last week I participated in a Toolbox Slam in Baltimore, MD.  The rules:  Present a compelling idea in 14 PowerPoint slides, presented in 7 minutes (30 seconds for each slide).  My presentation, attached here, was “Developing Independent, Arts-Capable Learners through STUDIOs.”  Click on the link just above this paragraph, then click Slideshow, and click Play.  Preparing this presentation solidified my thinking, and practicing the presentation improved my delivery a lot!  You can hear that I had to keep moving quickly through the text, or I ran out of time! This is a promising format as we think about how early adopters next year are going to communicate with one another.  If we schedule three sharing events during the year for late fall, late winter and late spring, we would have the options of live presentations, webinar on-line presenting, and archived presentations in “Sharing What Works.” Over the summer, think about what you might share with other Total Learning teachers.  What are you proud of?  What’s working?  How do your arrange your classroom, time or curriculum?  How have you adapted Total Learning strategies to your curriculum?  How has Total Learning made a difference in student attitudes, motivation or learning?  What new twist have you added to Total Learning?   If you have an idea, send it along and let’s get the first Slam planned!  I’ll put some tentative dates on the calendar as we develop it.

Sweet and Hot Farewell!


Ready for 1st Grade!

Ready for 1st Grade!

Kindergarteners share their year through song.

Kindergarteners share their year through song.

As we say farewell to the 2013-14 school year, and look toward planning for the upcoming year, kudos to the Kindergarten teachers at Cesar Batalla School, who planned a sing-a-long of sorts as a year-end performance.  Singing along to recorded music, the children shared with their parents the things they had learned about numbers, letters, seasons, language and friendship.  There were some coordinated gestures (not a small feat with 5 classes of Kindergarteners!) All this with no air conditioning, on a 90+ degree day!  Kudos, also, to Ms. Walker-Jones, assistant principal, who firmly demanded civility from the audience.

We can measure success in student self control, children singing without yelling, and parent and teacher pride.

There has been a flurry of Total Learning activity over the past few months, and I’ll write about events as I have the chance.  Keep an eye out for updates.

For anyone interested in the ‘early adopter’s almost too good to be true’ offer for next year, be in touch!  You need 10 teachers in a single location.  We have one more slot open.

Have a great summer!