Parent Meeting a Success!

parent meeting 1

Parent Meetings provide an opportunity for parents to visit and share in a comfortable environment.

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Allison Logan and Claudette Jones held a parent meeting this past Wednesday.  The goals were:

  • To explore collage, portrait, and self-portrait.
  • To discuss at home options and materials for collage.
  • To explore uses for collage and portrait/self-portrait for learning at home with their children.
  • To engage parents in conversations with their neighbors and school leaders, developing a sense of camaraderie.

Allison writes:  “The parents gathered together and we viewed the art print “Mom and Dad,” doing an I see and I wonder. We discussed the concept that a portrait is of someone else and a self-portrait is of myself. We then looked at all of the collage materials and discussed how they might use them to create a self-portrait or a portrait of someone they knew, like their son/daughter.

As they began working, conversations began occurring between the moms about choices and current life happenings. Claudette Jones, a family worker was able to circle through the room and talk with parents as they worked. The moms worked for a solid hour, happily- with smiles and joy. This group thoroughly enjoys the creative process and takes pride in their work every month.

At the end, we discussed what materials they had at home that they could use for collage. Wrapping paper, yarn, material, buttons were on the top of the list. We discussed the benefit of doing this activity with their child and the learning opportunities it could create. The parents offered several ideas, including making a portrait of a character from a book, a portrait of a family member with a letter, or even a collage to create a book setting.

I am amazed each month at the sense of community the Total Learning coffee talks inspire……at the same time, inspiring ideas and creativity.”

This is the last parent meeting of the year, and we look forward to these parents bringing their friends with them next year!  Thanks to Agnes Dubow, Parent/Home Coordinator, for helping to arrange these meetings.

End of Year

Some of our TLD Advisory Team are finishing school in the next few weeks.

Advice from the field for ending the year well includes:

  • Purge, Organize, Clean and
  • Write Yourself a Letter of Appreciation

We will certainly be taking stock of what was accomplished this year, what still needs to be done, organizing for the summer and next year, and cleaning our closet and desktops!

As for letters, I’d love to see yours, but here’s a letter TO those who have traveled this year with us.  You started the year with optimism and excitement, just as we did.  You invited us into your classrooms.  You watched your students become engaged and motivated through Total Learning activities.  Clay!!!  We knew it was great, but you showed just HOW great!  You worked with us to address family and mental health needs of students, and address difficult issues rather than sweep them under the rug.  You explored the CLASS indicators of effective teacher-student interactions with us, and modified your practice to become even more effective.  You gave advice consistently, and helped us revise our expectations, as we needed to.  You taught with us right through the Smart Board, helping us learn how to most effectively use this medium and interact with you and the kids.  You included us in parent meetings.  You adapted Total Learning to meet your needs and curriculum.  You laughed with us, and shared difficult moments.  You explored the Total Learning bookshelf with us.

You have been our strength and our compass this year.

We thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.