Getting Ready for Project-Based Learning

Students learning collaborative skills  Grade 2 studio cover   2014-02-19 01.06.26   
Students learning collaborative skills

ASCD had an article in their March 14 newletter about what keeps students motivated.  Hands-on, interdisciplinary, project –based learning is the answer.  Through Total Learning Digital, we prepare children, from Kindergarten, with the skills, experiences and scaffolded support that will allow them to fully participate when they get to middle and high school.  We build the skills intentionally and step-by-step.  Questions that comes to mind:  “What happens to our children if the upper level instruction is not as rich as Total Learning?  Will they continue to use the collaborative skills and multi-modal perspective?  Will they remember what they’ve learned?”   Our anecdotal experiences with 7th graders who were in Total Learning classrooms in the early grades tell us that they indeed remember, and can use the skills and knowledge they gained.

The ASCD article:

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